Our Story

Welcome to ChristianGiftDepot.com

My name is Teddy Levron. I am an ordained minister and business owner. 

Over the years, God has blessed my wife and I, along with our children and grandchildren with many opportunities for ministry to others. 

This is another one of those opportunities! 

Our Story

For over 17 years, our family ministered together full time on the streets of Houston, Tx, reaching out with a message of hope, the Gospel, to the inner city and urban areas that God opened up to hear the message. Thousands of people heard the message, receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

God has also allowed me to create multiple websites that offer Bible Studies and Resource materials to ministries around the world. Many of these ministries are located in countries where Bibles and other study materials are in short supply or simply "not allowed". The curriculum we provide online (free of charge) is being used in ministry training schools in various countries. You can access these materials by going to: http://www.justjesusgroup.com 

 A New Idea

At the beginning of 2017, God gave me another idea, this one targeted to helping local churches, Christian schools and ministries to raise funds for their ministry needs. 

One thing I have noticed over the years, (over 30 years as a minister) churches and the departments in the churches, along with Christian schools, seem to always be in "fundraising mode". Candy sales, gift wrap, Christmas cards, etc. Over and over they are forced to ask the children, youth group, choir members, etc. to go outside their comfort zone to sell items. It's uncomfortable and inconvenient at best. Scary for many, at worst. 

When my family and I were doing full time ministry on the streets, our sole income was from fundraising efforts through local churches, family and friends. I know firsthand how uncomfortable this can be! 

So, I thought, why not come up with a different method that would simply bring in extra income for the church or departments in a more "automatic" way, without all of the inconvenience? 

Then, God gave me the idea for this website and inspirational gift company! 

Convenient, Easy Way To Help Support Ministries

Here's the idea. Churches, church departments, Christian schools, ministries who want to participate can simply sign up for a Free Ministry Support Number. You can find the Application Form and Criteria HERE. 

Once they have been added to our list of Support Ministries, they will be issued a Support Number that can be shared with Members, Supporters, etc. Each time the member comes to our website to make a purchase, we will contribute 10% of the sale to the ministry of their choice. They simply enter the Support Number during Checkout. 

This way, the church or ministry is not always asking them for money. They are simply shopping for the gifts and home décor items they would normally buy, while at the same time supporting the ministry of their choice. 

We also have traditional fundraising programs that the church, school or ministry can conduct in combination with our Online Support Program, but the online option is open 24/7, 365 days a year for the convenience of the shoppers. 

Year-Round Support for Local and Global Ministries 

Think about it! Every holiday, birthday, occasion, or thoughtful gift giving gesture can be turned into an opportunity to bring joy into people's lives and support ministries who are sharing the Gospel with others!! 

That's our goal and our mission. I am glad that you have joined us in this endeavor. 

Thank you for visiting our website. Tell all of your friends, your family, your Pastor or ministry leader. 

The more people we can get involved, the wider we can spread the Good News! 

Tell Your Friends and Church Leaders!!


Rev. Teddy Levron 

PS - We also have a few of our own causes that we support with proceeds from our store. Click Here to see Our Causes.