The Dake Goodwin Memorial Fund

Back in 2015, my wife and I moved to Goodrich, Tx, just outside of Livingston, Tx and began looking for a church to attend. We found a home at Beech Creek Assembly, pastored by Rev. Don and Lori Goodwin.

The Goodwins have three wonderful children, Amy, Blake and Dake, all grown and serving the Lord.

Dake played drums in the church and sang occasionally. I became part of the worship team, playing guitar and began to get to know him. He was a wonderful young man, always happy, loved the Lord, and was loved by everyone in the church and beyond. If you knew him, you just had to like him. He worked for the US Postal Service, so his circle of contact was quite large. The primary focus and priority of his life was his faith and relationship with the Lord.

As his father told me, "From a child he consistently served the Lord on a daily basis and was heavily involved in his church and Christian school where he volunteered on his days off."

Unfortunately, Dake had some issues with diabetes.

On September 06, 2016, Dake’s life was tragically cut short. While delivering mail, his diabetic equipment malfunctioned and caused him to be unconscious and drive into a lake where he passed away. He was only 25 years old.

The news was devastating to his parents who are also our Pastors, the church, and the community that he served.

He is missed, but we know he is home with the Lord, healthy and rejoicing.

During this time, we were just beginning to think about putting together It did not even have a name yet, but as God put together the idea for the site and the support programs that we have created for local churches and ministries, He also gave me another idea.

One of the greatest impacts on Dake's life was each summer going to Truth Camp.  Truth Camp was started in 2000 by his father, Rev. Don Goodwin. Each summer Dake would go and help with the camp, sing in the choir and experience the presence of the Lord.  He frequently wrote in his college English assignments about the experiences he had at Truth Camp.

So, we decided to set up The Dake Goodwin Memorial Fund to help support scholarships for Truth Camp and other projects that Dake would have enjoyed and supported.

A portion of our net profit from this website goes to the fund. I have asked the Goodwin Family to administer the fund. Each year, we will gather applications for the scholarships, suggestions for support projects, etc. and the Goodwins will select the recipients.

We want Dake's memory and impact to continue. He was dedicated to the Lord and was an inspiration to others. Our hope and prayer is that many others will be blessed by the fund and come to know and grow in relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for taking time to read about this cause. I appreciate your supporting our website and store. You also have a hand in this. Without you, it would not be possible.


Teddy & Paula Levron